We’re thrilled to have Dorinda from Dorinda’s Chocolates in the Carve Lounge.

Visit the lounge to please your palette and see the beautiful Carve logo in chocolate form!



Chief Chocolate Officer, Dorinda’s Chocolates
Dorinda, the founder and CCO (Chief Chocolate Officer) has been making her signature chocolate covered cherry recipe since she was 12 years old. “Our Chocolates are made to give a little indulgence to one’s life. All of our chocolates are made in house by hand, using only the finest ingredients available.”

Dorinda works closely with 2 of her 4 boys – Dustin and Austin – on the daily operation of the cafe located in her home town, Truckee, CA. They hope to grow their business locally and expand their internet presence. For years Dorinda’s has been supporting local foundations, her local community and reaching out to various corporations. They’ve taken numerous “People’s Choice” awards for best chocolate as well as awards for their outstanding original taste. You can find Dorinda’s Chocolates online at http://www.dorindaschocolates.com/ or like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DorindasChocolates

“Did you know that chocolate is the new 6th food group?”

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