Ken, Michael, and Donald

Recognized as one of the best snow sculpting teams in the world with awards and recognition too numerous to list, Team Yukon Canada returns to Carve Tahoe for a second year both carving the Sapporo Beer Inspired sculpture in the center of Northstar Village, and in the actual Carve Tahoe Competition. Donald C Watt, Michael Lane, Ken Anderson and Evi Watt have a long history of success, including 1st place prizes at competitions in St. Viglio and Innichen, Italy, Nayoro and Sapporo, Japan, Grindelwald, Switzerland, Murmansk, Russia, Quebec City, Canada and Breckenridge, CO, USA. Team Yukon Canada will be sculpting “The First Killer Whale, an ode to the Tlingit Myth in which a castaway carved many different fish from different kinds of wood. None of them had the spirit inside them to awaken the wood and save the man. That was until he carved his fish from Yellow Cedar and the wood was full of a spirit. When he cut the hole in the fin it came alive and he was able to hold on to its fin and ride it back to the safety of the mainland.

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Jan, Minna, and Saila

Team Finland/Czech Republic is comprised of Saila Hastrup, Minna Eloranta and Jan Laštovička . Team Finland/Czech Republic has sculpted in Finland and abroad since 2008. They started snow sculpting by carving ‘honeymoon suites in Lapland´s famous snow hotels. After making sure no child would be conceived by freezing cold newlyweds, they became hooked on the art of snow sculpting. While studying in Hämeenlinna, they noticed that the city was wasting massive piles of snow and asked the city if they could practice their newfound love of snow sculpting. Team Finland/Czech Republic loves the ephemeral nature of snow sculpting, which they believe is a good thing considering the amount of snow that falls in Finland! Their design is titled “Handicrafts” and is an ode to those that still take the time to create beautiful works of art by hand.

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Friedemann, Detlef, and Lothar

Returning Carve Tahoe 2013 Champions, Team Germany is comprised of Friedemann Theil, Lothar Luboschik, and Detlef Schurtzmann. Snow sculpting (and snowboarding!) daredevils, Team Germany is known for creating gravity-defying abstract sculptures. This year Team Germany has created a sculpture titled “Reflection” with a perfect abstract mirror image reflecting the top and bottom of the sculpture.

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Yoshimasa, Teruyasu, and Shin

Team Japan returns to Carve Tahoe after capturing Second Place at Carve in 2013. Yoshimasa Tsuchida, Teruyasu Matsumura and Shin Ozaki are tough competitors who are known to sculpt through the night to achieve perfection. They have won 1st place at the Japan Cup International Snow Sculpting Competition in Nayoro, Japan three times in the past five years. Members of the team have also won 1st place at the International Sculpture Symposium in Roldan, Argentina and the Creative Prize at the 17th Harbin International Snow Sculpture Competition in China in 2012. Their 2014 sculpture for Carve is titled “Dream Telescope and will surely be one of the most photographed sculptures in the competition.”

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Batmunkh, Govisaikhan, and Altanbayar

We are thrilled to welcome Team Mongolia to Carve Tahoe. All members of Team MONGOLIA have graduated from the Fine Arts Institute of Mongolia. Team Mongolia was formed in 2003, and since then the team has successfully taken the world of snow sculpting by storm winning First Place in all categories at the 2013 Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championship. In addition to snow, Team Mongolia sculpts in wood, stone ice and bronze carving.

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Kirk, Helena, and Rusty

Team California/Netherlands is comprised of world famous sand sculptors Rusty Croft, Helena Bangert and Kirk Rademaker. Rusty and Kirk are recognized as The Sand Guys, and were the featured sculptors on Travel Channels’ The Sand Masters. Before getting involved in the world of sand sculpting Helena Bangert studied at the Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. She graduated in major sculpting/installation art. Helena is one of the most skilled sculptors internationally in sand, ice and snow.

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Ed, Mark, and Ira

The home team of Team Tahoe/Truckee won Carve Tahoe’s “People’s Choice Award” after being thrown into the competition when one of the international teams couldn’t get their visas. Ira Kessey has competed for many years in the local Tahoe “Snow Fest” ice and snow competitions and is a professional artist and sculptor. Ed Winslow has been carving ice professionally for many years in South Lake Tahoe and has competed in Harbin China. Mark Davis is the Culinary Director at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of California, San Francisco, teaches ice carving with Ed and competes in competitions around the world. Ira, Ed and Mark are back with a vengeance at Carve 2014 sculpting “Kuyuidokado”, an ode to “The Fish Eaters” and Chief Truckee.

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Greg, Dan, and Mark

Team USA Wisconsin’s Greg Moerner, Dan Ingebrigston, and Mark Hargarten’s snow sculpting wins are too numerous to list. Their lyrical sculpting style and dramatic art is breath taking and passionate. They bring with them backgrounds in industrial design, sculpting and mold making. Their 2014 Carve sculpture design titled “Reflection”, celebrates spiritual moments along life’s journey.

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